Commuter with Headphones


My name is Will, and I am a voiceover artist with 15 years' experience. I narrate and produce audio articles for websites, and I'm based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Why audio?

More and more people are choosing to listen to written material with audio books, podcasts, and articles more popular than ever!


Narrated articles offer a great way to improve user interactions, engage readers, and ensure your written material and website are as accessible as possible!

In fact, adding audio or narrated articles to your site leads on average to ​

  • 168% increase in time spent on news,

  • 89% increase in story page views, and a

  • 95% increase in visits per user. 


I provide an Audio Article Service to convert your articles or other written materials to audio in .mp3 and .wav formats, and delivered within 24 hours.

You then take that file and add it to the top of your article so that people can listen on their commute, at work, or while they're cooking!

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